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Primeval: alkeemia (or alchemy to all you hard core english folk) is a fanon by yours truly AlekLightwood13 it takes place in a alternate steampunk timeline (in citys in including L.A and london) and will have 23 full episodes and about 10 minisodes.

Plot (I guess?.?)Edit

Plot is simple: alternate timeline A.R.C 's have been in buisness for around 600 years and are the planets main authority. The protect everyone and everything from anomalies, the creatures that spew from them and the strange effect the anomalies have on the clockork that keeps the world alive (yes I mean it "keeps the world alive" Look for S1 E12). But when the org's best agent Conner d. warsaw discovers the true use of the A.r.c (S1 E2) he goes rouge taking a cracked team to taker down the A.r.c (but still save the world from the anomalies)


  • Conner D. warsaw-

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