A new fanfiction I'm creating. It takes place where series 5 left off (note, I have not yet watched series 5 so forgive me if there are any inaccurate details). It follows Connor Temple, Abby Maitland and Captain Becker as they attempt to stop an anomaly disaster that could completely erase all of the Earth's history! This fanfiction is called Primeval: Extinction (not to be confused with the novel Extinction Event). There are a total of 10 episodes, each is 60 minutes long.

Episode 1Edit

In the premiere of this series, the ARC, who's only sole members are now Connor, Abby, and Becker, detect an explosion in the appearance of future anomalies. This results in a major increase in the Future Predator population. A pack of four predators attack the ARC, but Becker shoots one of them several times with a shotgun, and the injured beast flees, followed by his comrades. Becker, along with Connor and Abby, follow the predators until they corner them in an alleyway. However, an anomaly suddenly opens and the creatures disappear into it. The three run after them. They find themselves in a Spaghetti Junction. Suddenly, a pair of Ceratosaurus emerge from one of the anomalies and, seeing the predators as a threat, attack. However, one of the predators leaps onto the back of one ceratosaur, scrabbling toward its neck ferociously, and inflicting several deep wounds in the process. The predator bites the dinosaur's neck, causing it to shriek in pain. The predator holds on until the unfortunate animal suffocates and collapses. The three other predators chase the second ceratosaur back through the anomaly it emerged from.

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