Primeval: The American Series is an 8 season spin off of the UK Primeval that is centered in New York City, New York in the United States of America. The show revolves around a variety of characters that deal with anomalies that open up in the city.

Season 1:

Season 1 featured 6 episodes as all the season's have the same number of episodes as the UK. The show revolves around cop Dan Williams and his wife, Melody, their friend Henry, rookie policeman Jason, devoted assistant Sally and soldiers Neilson and Alan and Dan's unusual and intimidating boss, Detective Dyarski Favaro. The show's episodes include a family of Allosaur's in the warehouse district, a pride of Smiledon in Central Park, Indricothere loose in the city, Dimetredon getting loose on the Brooklyn Bridge, strange underwater Ordivician predators in the harbor and a Future Predator attacking Liberty Island.

Season 2:

Season 2 picks up with Dan's renegade team being forced to join with Dyarski's methods of violence and plenty of guns to deal with the creatures and the anomalies and set out to fight them off. The episodes include a Short Faced Bear in an apartment basement, Deinosuchus in the Hudson River, getting stranded on the other side of an anomaly near Coney Island, a pod of Elasmosaurus's attacking an office building, strange future beats haunting Yankee Stadium, giant snakes loose in a home and a traitor on the team with a certain idea for the anomalies...

Season 3:

With Dan and his team still trying to beat the anomalies and recruit Dyarski's son to the team as was his father's last dieing wish, Dan deals with even bigger and badder threats such as dealing with a Wolly Mammoth in the Museum of Natural History and raptors on the street, giant insects in the Ellis Island Museum and a dangerous new adversary also bent on killing off the creatures and anomalies. Sadly, Dan's hopes of realizing the anomalies dies when Dan is trapped on the other side of an anomaly into the past and the team are forced to move on without him. Henry is placed in charge and the team deal with more threats such as dealing with a creature that can move all over the city, solving the mysterious identity of the Jersey Devil, and trying to solve the creatures and the anomalies... from a horrible fate.

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