Primeval- The reboot

The primeval: The reboot is what is called for the big budget makeover of the primeval: Franchise

The announcement

In late 2012 it was announced that tv networks ITV, Watch, Proseiben, And Syfy had all received a large amount of money and had a to pick a franchsize to reboot. It was then announced that the franchise they had decided to pick up was primeval. Later on it was announced that primeval and Primeval: New world were to be broat back. Plus three new shows called Primeval: Primetime which follows a group of kids tackling the anomalies and creature In Manchester city. Primeval: Extinction set in the German capital Berlin and primeval: Resurrected set in the American state of New York. The early 2013 in was announced that 6 films were to be made and these were to permanently end the franchise. Days later it was announced that a show called primeval: Extinction files was commisoned and it would investigate what creatures would work for Extinction. Later on it was announced that several book and others stuff were to be released and tie in with the series

Crital report

After all the work of the reboot had been shown to the public several websites and newspapers stated that the reboot was worth it and than they had done very well in making the reboot.

Title cards



Primeval title card

Primeval- New world

Primeval: New world title card

Primeval- Primetime

Primeval: Primetime title card

Extinction files

Primeval: Extinction files title card


Primeval: Extinction title card


Primeval: Resurrection title card

Primeval Season 6

Primeval Season 6



Film 1: The begging of the end title card


Film 2: Time and time again


Film 3: You will die


Film 4: The after mouth


Film 5: The final phase


Film 6: The Final end

DVD releases

All of the seasons will be released season by season from May 2015. All of the shows will be Released with all of their seasons. Extinction and it's files will be released together. All of The reboot will be released in October 2015 with the first 5 seasons of primeval and the first Season of new world.

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