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When Helen Cutter returns to the 21st century after being missing for eight years, she brings back her youngest son, Andrew, and a menagerie of creatures from all time periods. Only her husband, and the newly formed 'Anomaly Team' can stop her...

Primeval: The Story of the Anomalies is a Primeval Fanfiction written by KingdomHeartsNerd on; KingdomHeartsNerd is HarryPotterRules1 on this site.

Primeval: Story of the Anomalies is a rewrite of the original series with extra characters and some changes; the Series is currently on Series 2 Episode 2, with Series 2 Episode 3 currently being written.

Stuart and Andrew Cutter - the twin sons of Nick and Helen - are the main characters, though Andrew does not actually make an appearance until Chapter 7. As well as this, some changes have been made to the Series:

  • Two new Original Characters - namely James Swann and Jack Johnson - were introduced in Series 1; they, at the beginning of Series 2, change into James Johnson and Jack Swann.
  • Claudia, instead of disappearing at the end of Series 1, remains on the team and, to accomodate Jenny arriving, has been made into the twin sister of Jenny.
  • Andrew went missing along with Helen and returns at the end of Chapter 6, though he is not seen until the beginning of Chapter 7.

There are more changes to come, and - as the story continues - they will be listed here.

The story can be read here: The Story of the Anomalies and all character and episode pages for this story will have (TSOTA) after the name of the page.

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