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Primeval defeat is a fan based series based upon the hit ITV series primeval. It takes place in the primeverse but in a alternate timeline.

Characters (in order of apperance)Edit

  1. Nick cutter - (being assaulted by the gorgonopsid in helens place)
  2. Helen cutter -
  3. Conner temple
  4. Abby matiland
  5. phillip burton (voice only)
  6. April leonard
  7. stephan heart
  8. Hilary Becker
  9. james lester
  10. Nichole
  11. *
  12. *
  13. *
  14. *
  15. *
  16. *
  17. *
  18. *
  19. *
  20. Danny quinn
  21. Patrick quinn
  22. Micheal

Creatures (according to episode)Edit

  1. Gorgonopsid, Camobeast, Rex, Scutosaurus
  2. Future predator, Dromeasaurus, Guanlong, Eotyrannus, Tree creeper
  3. Titanis, Smilodon, Mammoth, rex
  4. Camobeast, Future predator, Mer creature, rex
  5. Future fungus
  6. T-rex, Torosaurus, Troodon, Tree creeper
  7. Kaprosuchus, Guanlong, Eotyrannus, Tree creeper, troodon, Dromeasaurus
  8. Tba.




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