Primeval fight for the future is a new series with the characters from the current primeval series facing monsters from the past, present and future, plus thier own little problems! more info on the episodes will be released soon

List Of CharactersEdit

Matt andersonEdit

After seeing a Future version of himself, warning him to go back, Matt faces the question: Should he stay or should he go? Matt is the Current leader of the group.

Connor templeEdit

Connor is the happy go lucky member of the group, usually the one to get into trouble, but he has a heart of gold. He is not so much liked by James Lester but somehow manages to stay in the group.

Abby MaitlandEdit

Abby is Connors soon-to-be-wife and A martial arts expert. she Is a great aim with the guns but can sometimes let this go to her head.

Captain BeckerEdit

the weapons specialist of the team, becker is the one whi drives the jeep carrying the ARC's weapons. He's also the one who finds himself facing the creatures off...

James LesterEdit

Lester is the group Boss, the one who shouts at Everyone when something goes wrong. He will quietly Admit that the group do a good job but shows a disliking to connor most of the time.

Jess parkerEdit

Jess appears very little in the series on screen but can be heard quite often over radio. She is the youngest member of the team, but one of the most helpful.

Danny QuinnEdit

After seemingly defeating Ethan, danny desperatly tries to find another anomaly to get to the present. but will he be able to find one?

Adam JohnsonEdit

The new member of the team, Adam is only 20 years old, but he can prove to be a great person to have out on the field.

Desmond WilliamsEdit

Desmond appears in an anomaly in episode 3 and agrees to help the team after they save him. But is he really all he seems? he's very secretive and allows nobody near his laptop

Ryan AdamsEdit

Ryan seems to appear in a different base to the ARC. He is never seen anywhere other than his Super computer, but it's use is unknown...

Claire SmithEdit

Clair is Ryan's secratary who always seems to be up to something... very little is known about her...

List of episodesEdit

series 1Edit

episode 1

episode 2Primeval episode 2 (FFTF)

episode 3Primeval episode 3 FFTF

episode 4Primeval episode 4 FFTF

episode 5Primeval episode 5 FFTF

episode 6

episode 7

episode 8

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