Primeval Adventure Series Older Novels are a spin-off book series from the Primeval Adventure Series, created by Dinoboy5387. One book are set for release at Christmas 2011.
180px-Primeval The Incredible Threat Front Cover Remake

The The Incredible Threat front cover by Primeval123

Both covers are designed by Primeval123. The covers have mysteriously disappeared but he's getting them back.

The Incredible Threat Edit

The ARC team are called in to investigate a dangerous creature attack after three little boys find an anomaly and a creature really dangerous. The team fly to Brazil to a village where the creature which is an Allosaurus attacked but was too late and everyone got killed. Connor gets dragged through the anomaly by the Allosaurus and the team have to find him. Through the anomaly, they encounter many other dinosaurs.

After they find him, the team gets chased by the Allosaurs yet again but the anomaly closes and the team have to find their own way home. The team find another anomaly but it does not lead to the present. Back at the ARC, Jess hasn't picked up a signal of them and Lester and her go through an anomaly near the ARC to find them and face some really terrifying creatures through the anomalies...

Another Novel might be written by someone else.

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