Several previews and trailers have been released to promote season 1 and 2 of ITV's Primeval Adventure Series.

For Series 1, ITV released only 1 trailer to promote the series, but showed repeatedly, as their other promotions highly effected the outcome of the series.

This Series has been nominated in The Primeval Fanon Wiki Awards


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ITV1 trailerEdit

The ITV trailer was only 0:36 long, but showed clips from every episode; such as the Predator X attacking the boat ride, the Kimmerosaurus swimming around the submarine, the herbivorous Chasmosaurus, Corythosaurus and Edmontonia crushing people in London, the Uintatherium and Palaeosyops rampaging through the ARC, Abby looking at the Hatzegopteryx in the air, the Daspletosaurus attacking the bus and the ARC team stranded in the cretaceous. Then, across the screen, the words 'PRIMEVAL ADVENTURE SERIES, ONLY ON ITV1 AND ITV1 HD!' appear. Then the screen is torn apart and the Gigantoraptor displays its feathers, runs towards where you're looking at, opens its beak and roars at you.

ITV's trailer cannot be shown on the internet due to copyright reasons.

Series 2Edit

It is unkown what the trailer will be like, as the second series is comfirmed to appear in late June, early July or maybe in autumn 2012.

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