Welcome to a special interview with the Primeval123 the creator of Primeval America. Please read throughout the article and discover unanswered questions, as an interview takes place!

Q1: What made you want to make this series?

A1: I Wanted to really get into action. I have always wanted to make some sort of time and dinosaur story, and Primeval America was the perfect idea.

Q2: Why did you choose to make a Primeval Spin-off, why not any other programme?

A2: I wanted to make a Primeval Spin-off because I loved the idea. And there was also a perfect basis.

Q3: What inspired you to make the series?

A3: The show Primeval itself really, it was interesting, fun, exciting, and a little complicated; but you could always pick out something new from the show. It can create so many storylines without any stopping it, think of all of time, and even the future itself. It is limitless.

Q4: Why did you decide to place it in America?

A4: I think America was a good place to set it. America is also massive, and has lots of resources. There is lots of popular States and Cities such as New York. And Anomalies can open anywhere around the world so...

Q5: Do you think the series is popular?

A5: Well there has been comments, but hopefully when it is first aired it will be great!

Q6: Can you tell us any of the creatures to appear in the final episode?

A6: I would love to, but I really just can't. Anyway I can't wait for you guys to find out!

Q7: As you said earlier you can lead Anomalies to a future time, will you be doing this?

A7: I probably will, but once again, that is for you to find out.

Q8: Can you tell us if anyone dies in this series?

A8: I would like that to be a suprise, but I am not really sure yet, not all of it is written, therefore I may, depending on how popular each character is.

Q9: Will you be making any future series?

A9: That would be brilliant. But it is conditioned, if it is popular, I have got storylines already forming. Also as the Primeval Fanon Awards has the series nominated, I will hope to do as best as I can.

Q10: Finally could you give us any final episode information?

A10: All I can tell you it is big, and a great finale. Hopefully everybody will watch it. Also, I can explain that at least one Anomaly opens in the ARC, and the team will face a challenge that will shock everybody! But theres a twist.

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