Primeval Continued is a having a creature-designing competition. Anyone can enter their own future creature, and the winner's creature will be shown in Primeval Continued Episode 5.7. Another winner will have their creature shown in series 4. The competition started in January 2013. If you create a creature for the competition, please create a seperate page for your creature and leave the name of the creature linking to the page, below. COMPETITION ENDS MAY 30, 2013.

The winner for Episode 4.7 has been decided. All entries for Episode 5.7 must be entered by May 30, 2013. ALSO A DRAWING OF THE CREATURE BY ITS CREATOR IS REQUIRED.

PrimevalIsAwesome (talk) 00:46, March 28, 2013 (UTC)


  • Cannot be someone else's idea
  • Must have a drawing by the creator
  • Cannot be a real creature
  • Must be at least somewhat realistic
  • Must have a description of the creature

Causes for DisqualificationEdit

  • No image of creature
  • Picture of creature MUST be drawn by creator or creature is disqualified from competition
  • Creature not creator's own idea
  • Creature entered after deadline


Episode 4.7Edit

Episode 5.7Edit

TO BE ADDED ON MAY 30, 2013.

Entered CreaturesEdit


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