Primeval Continued Prequel Webisodes are a series of 4 online webisodes released to show what happened between 5.6 and Primeval Continued Series 1.

Webisode 1Edit

This webisode introduces what happens after episode 5.6. Showing an anomaly and an Albertosaurus that comes through. Connor discovers, through the use of the Dating Calculator, that the anomaly leads to 2006. The Albertosaurus runs through the anomaly, into 2006, and Mac Rendell, a team member recently hired by the ARC, follows it through. Soon, his EMD falls back through the anomaly, and the anomaly closes. The team go back to the ARC, saddened by their new team member's loss. The end of the webisode shows Lester calling and hiring a man named Ryan Tayler.

Webisode 2Edit

Starts with Matt pondering over the appearence of another version of himself telling him:"Go back. You have to go back." Then Emily walks in, questioning him about what happened, but before Matt can answer, Lester walks in and talks to the two about their new recruit.

Webisode 3Edit

Ryan arrives at the ARC and Jess shows him around. He is eventually taken to the menagerie, where he goes into the large room to meet the creatures. He is then introduced to the rest of the ARC team.

Webisode 4Edit

The anomaly alert goes off, and Ryan, and the team, get ready to leave. When they reach the anomaly, they are attacked by a "raptor", shown with stock footage of the raptor from 2.1 and 3.10. It is driven through the anomaly and the team goes back to the ARC. Ryan tells Connor that "that was scary". Connor tells him that he should get used to it.

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