This is the second series of Primeval Continued.


With Patrick gone, the ARC has nothing to face but the creatures. Matt continues to try to discover more about his alternate self, and a new team member, Kieran Coles, joins the ARC. Sarah Page's brother discovers the anomalies.









There were several rumours about Primeval Continued Series 2 concerning creatures and characters.

Creature Related RumoursEdit

  • A Torvosaurus was rumoured to appear despite not being listed in the Creature List. But does not appear (in fact, Torvosaurus will not appear in any series of Primeval Continued).
  • The ancester of the Future Predator, called the Future Bat, was rumoured to appear despite the idea being long ago scrapped by PrimevalIsAwesome. The same goes for other future creatures such as the Future Cat, Wildren, and Wyvern.
  • Epidendrosaurus was rumoured to come through an anomaly in the ARC in Episode 2.1 and cause chaos by eating the wires and cords of the Anomaly Detector. This did not happen.
  • Majungasaurus and Masiakosaurus were rumoured to appear in the finale of Series 2 and rampage in a Car Dealership. This story has been moved to Episode 3.6.

Character Related RumoursEdit

  • Helen Cutter was rumoured to appear, but the idea of her returning was scrapped.
  • Duncan was rumoured to appear. He did not. However PrimevalIsAwesome has confirmed that he will appear in other series.
  • Jack Maitland, Abby's brother, was rumoured to appear. He did not. However this may have just been a mix-up, as Sarah Page's brother, Thomas Page, does appear in Episode 2.6.

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