These are a list of promotions for Primeval Continued Series 2.

Day 1Edit

12/21/12. A semi-complete list of creatures for the series.

  • Entelodont
  • Chalicothere
  • Dimetrodon
  • Icthyosaur
  • Ceratosaurus
  • Aqua Monitor
  • Camoiflage Beast
  • Megalania

Day 2Edit

12/22/12. "Icthyosaur" revealed as Excalibosaurus.

Day 3Edit

12/23/12. A short teaser for the series is shown on Watch (right after the airing of Episode 1.2.

Day 4Edit

2/20/13. Ceratosaurus revealed to have been replaced with Albertosaurus to tie in with the final episode of Primeval New World Season 1.

Day 5Edit

2/20/13. Watch and ITV trailers for the series is aired.

Day 6Edit

2/21/13. A new type of EMD will appear called the Type 5 EMD. It is shown in this picture:
Conner EMD

Day 7Edit

2/22/13. Nick Cutter will return in Episode 2.2.

Day 8Edit

3/1/13. A new future creature called the Aqua Monitor will appear in Episode 2.4.

Day 9Edit

3/9/13. Spinosaurus will make a brief appearance at the end of Episode 2.3.

Day 10Edit

3/9/13. The team will get trapped in the Future Swamp in Episode 2.4.

Day 11Edit

3/10/13. Sarah Page's brother, Thomas Page, will join the ARC in Episode 2.6.

Day 12Edit

3/10/13. Kieran Coles will be killed by Megalania venom in Episode 2.6 after pushing Thomas Page out of the Megalania's way.

Day 13Edit

3/11/13. The Torvosaurus' appearance revealed to have been a Primeval fan-based rumour.

Day 14Edit

3/11/13. A promo of the Dimetrodon is revealed. However PrimevalIsAwesome has revealed that it is not the final design.


Day 15Edit

3/13/13. The Type 5 EMD has been confirmed to be designed by Connor Temple on Nick Cutter's request between Episode 2.2 and Episode 2.3.

Day 16Edit

3/13/13. Two Dimetrodons will appear in Episode 2.2.

Day 17Edit

3/23/13. Concept art for the Moropus.

Day 18Edit

3/25/13. Concept art for the Aqua Monitor and Megalania.

Day 19Edit

3/25/13. Concept art for the Entelodont.

Day 20Edit

3/29/13. Concept art for the Dimetrodon.

Day 21Edit

3/30/13. Concept art for Excalibosaurus.

Day 22Edit

3/31/13. Watch re-airs the trailer for Series 2.

Day 23Edit

4/1/13. Episode 2.1 airs on Watch.

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