These are a list of promotions for Primeval Continued Series 3.

Day 1Edit

4/14/13. The Watch and ITV trailers are aired during Episode 2.3.

Day 2Edit

4/14/13. A full list of creatures for the series:

  • Future Rat
  • Majungasaurus
  • Masiakosaurus
  • Titanoboa
  • Kaprosuchus
  • Thylacosmilus
  • Seymouria

Day 3Edit

4/17/13. Evan Cross has been confirmed to make a guest appearance in Episode 3.2. He will face a Kaprasuchus.

Day 4Edit

4/18/13. A Carcharodontosaurus has been guessed to appear in Episode 3.7, the series finale.

Day 5Edit

4/18/13. The summary for the series as well as Episode 3.1 are revealed.

Day 6Edit

4/19/13. A short preview for Episode 3.1 on Watch.

Day 7Edit

4/20/13. The summary for Episode 3.2 is revealed.

Day 8Edit

4/20/13. By the end of the series, the ARC Team will discover that someone is trying to take advantage of the anomalies.

Day 9Edit

4/21/13. Concept art for the Future Rat and Seymouria is revealed.

Day 10Edit

4/22/13. Jenny Lewis will make a guest appearance in Episode 3.4.

Day 11Edit

4/22/13. Concept art for the Titanoboa is released.

Day 12Edit

4/23/13. Shattered Future will be released along with the series.

Day 13Edit

4/24/13. PrimevalIsAwesome has confirmed that there will be a short preview for Series 4 at the end of Episode 3.7.

Day 14Edit

4/24/13. PrimevalIsAwesome has revealed that all five series' of Primeval Continued will be released together on DVD, however the release date was not revealed.

Day 15Edit

5/4/13. A promo for the Titanoboa is released by PrimevalIsAwesome.


Titanoboa promo.

Day 16Edit

9/28/13. PrimevalIsAwesome says that the series was postponed for a while do to production difficulties.

Day 17Edit

9/28/13. Episode 3.2 (PC) finally airs.

Day 18Edit

9/29/13. Concept art for Majungasaurus and Masiakosaurus is revealed.

Day 19Edit

10/17/13. It is revealed that the Carcharodontosaurus in the trailer was really an Allosaurus which appears in a flashback..

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