These are a list of promotions for Primeval Continued Series 5.

Day 1Edit

10/7/14. It is confirmed that Taylor Craig (from Episode 2.5 of the original Primeval) will appear more than once in this series.

Day 2Edit

10/15/14. A list of creatures (discounting Rex and Sid, Nancy and Joey) in the series is revealed:

  • Balaenoptera sibbaldina (Episode 5.1)
  • Gorgonopsid (Episode 5.2)
  • Future Predator (Episode 5.3)
  • Future Rat (Episode 5.3)
  • Kelenken (Episode 5.4)
  • Ambulocetus (Episode 5.5)

Day 3Edit

10/18/14. It is confirmed that the final episodes will feature no creature incursions, as the anomaly will lead to outer space, and that it will feature another Spaghetti Junction of anomalies.

Day 4Edit

11/25/14. It is revealed that of all the series of Primeval, Primeval: New World, and Primeval Continued this series will be the most similar in tone to Series 1 of the original Primeval, as it focuses once again on only the anomalies and the creatures and not on another plotline that goes throughout the series. It is also revealed that due to work on Timelapse [1], Series 5 will take a longer time to air than previous series.

Day 5Edit

12/29/14. It is revealed that Episode 5.6 is a crossover with another show produced by Adrian Hodges: The Musketeers.

Day 6Edit

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