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Top NewsEdit

This section is for top news stuff, ie, Episode Release, etc.

  • Primeval Revived: New infomation on Series Two released every week!
  • The Anomaly Trilogy: The first series, Kids VS Dinos, released on Saturday
  • Awards: Nominate your characters / creatures / episodes now!

Series NewsEdit

primeval season 6Edit

  • Matt is survived.The man made anomaly is closed forever.They saved the future and human being.'BUT,did they really succeed???By '''''User:H.S.DTheBest
  • soon other episodes will be here if you say you like it.
  • I'm waiting for your comments. User:H.S.DTheBest

Primeval Revived Edit

  • Series 2 arrives September
  • Big Plotlines Coming Soon!

Junior PrimevalEdit

The Open SeriesEdit

Primeval Evolved 2Edit

Primeval RevelationsEdit

Gensei Sentai IjōmanEdit

Anomaly CrisisEdit

  • Series 2 to air in October, new information posted every week on Beastly 14's blog!
  • Creature competition ends in the end of August, only one entry so far.

Primeval UnleashedEdit

A Rip In TimeEdit

Primeval FutureEdit

Dyno PrimevalEdit

Primeval MangaEdit

Anomalies IncorporatedEdit

The Anomaly TrilogyEdit

  • The first part of the trilogy released on Saturday.

Primeval stagione 6 Edit

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