Primeval Omega is set in 2014, in the aftermath of The New Dawn Anomaly Crisis, future returns to normal, with a few notable exceptions. Erratic behaviour in some anomalies appears to increase as noted by the team.


Season 1Edit

Episode 1.1 - ARC is forced to combat an enormous group of Ceolophysis that charge through a trailer park along with a Postosuchus. Meanwhile Several Anomalies allow Permian and Cretaceous among other periods creatures to enter the future (Late Penethiene), leading to drastic changes in the future.

Episode 1.2 - Several Tree Creepers come through an anomaly and begin to savage people in a park. Later the anomaly changes and a group of Megopterans (PO) also come through and begin to take people back to their home, forcing the team the enter post-apocalyptic London.

Episode 1.3 - An evolved Gorgonopsid from the future, a Futilasid, enters the present day along with its young, it roams an airport and attacks anyone that gets in its way.

Episode 1.4 - An anomaly opens and a Eogyrhinus enters the Thames and begins to attack people on the banks, forcing the team to track it down.

Episode 1.5 - The team is split when 2 anomalies open at exactly the same time. One through which hordes of Giant Ants begin to pour through.

Episode 1.6 - Its a blast from the past for Abby and Connor when the Permian anomaly they previously dealt with reopens for a third time, releasing the long-lost Future predators among other creatures.

Episode 1.7 - An anomaly appears near the houses of parliament, releasing a pack of ravenous Deinonychus from the cretaceous. Meanwhile an anomaly opens within the ARC, and horror besieges the team when Helen Cutter returns from the dead.

Season 2Edit


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