Primeval Revived Older Novels are a spin-off book series from Primeval Revived, created by Primeval13. Two books are set for release at Christmas 2011.

Both covers are designed by Primeval123.


First, an explosion, riots on the street of London, an anomaly and a giant creature. The team f
263px-Primeval Night Blaze Front Cover-1-

The Night Blaze Cover by Primeval123

ace their biggest challange yet as large riots on the streets of London causes an anomaly to open undiscovered. Without the ARC able to reach it, a creature wanders through. Soon, London becomes a war zone as large riots break out and a unbelievable creature stalks around. Mob rule takes over and the night escilates into horror. Who will make it through the night.... (Night Blaze)

Then, severel lorries go missing in a forest. The team find an anomaly, and an adventure begins that takes them from England to Iceland, Mexico and Australia. As severel future creatures run rampage, the team have to fight to survive. (Fragments)

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