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April 2012-2015

Primeval Ultimate or PX for short is a new series created by Simsrockero, sequel of the miniseries Primeval Future. It tolds the story after changing the timeline. The set time is 2096.


Following the events of the timeline changed, Peter with the help of his team investigates anomalies and creatures that menace their world


Season OneEdit

Peter Johnson and his improvise team will try to find out about why prehistoric creatures star to appear and who is behind this.

Season Two.Edit

Peter Johnson and his team faces the creatures after joining the ARC.

Season ThreeEdit

Now the world has public knowledge of the anomalies while the goverment aproves a law that allow companies opening Jurassic Park style zoos and "prehistoric animals pets" shops. Meanwhile the time travel terroris group "The Intimers" are making plans to achieve their sinister goal.

Season FourEdit

Now the team faces future creatures  and the crisis of the Prehistoric Colonies.

Season FiveEdit

In the last season there are timeline changes, alternative futures and interdimensional anomalies.


Peter Johnson: A detective who star to suspect of the goverment and leader of the improvised team

Tom Flint: Friend of Peter and moto-racer

Harry Morrison: A former military with knowledge of using weaponary.

Jane Walters: A a very reserved zoologist 

Liza Hayes: A former journalist who helps the team with the cases.

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