Primeval ultimate season two

The new logo for season two

The second season will begin after 2 weeks the first one finish. It will focus in the team joinig the ARC.


After joining the ARC, they now deal the creautres incursion with hi-tech weapons aad technology but there is now a traitor among the team and a misterious person is making the creatures incursions


Starting better: The ARC team face their first creature incursion, an Ïnostrancevia

Marine Show: A Hyneria and Dunkleosteus appear in a marine park

Shock: A pair of Carnotaurus appear in an office and a the traitor is revealed

Reservation: A Titanoboa and an Argentavis appear in a City-Building meanwhile Tom is trying to survive in the Cretaceous

Mithology: Tom is captured by pirates in the 17th Century

Travel: The team faces a Crylophosaurus in the ARC park while Tom meets a group who constantly travels through time

Virtual: The team faces a Thylascosmilus in a Gotcha Field of the Future, Tom travels to Europe of Late Jurassic

Back: The Allosaurus is brought to the Present

It could be worse: When the team still chasing the Allosaurus,  a giant ape appears in the city.

Just listen: A Dinogorgon appears in a Club Dance

Keep me a secret: Two Dimetrodon and a herd of Edaphosaurus appears in a Televison Show set.

Under your feet: A Createcous Carnivore Mammal appears in a park.

There's one more: An Anthracosaurus appears in Scotland seas

Intentions: Australia ARC version ask for help when a criminal group attacks them

Revelations:The Man opens four anomalies in a Sea City


2.1 Inostrancevia, Scutosaurus and Diictodon

2.2 HyneriaDunkleosteus and Hynerpeton

2.3 Carnotaurus and Amargasaurus

2.4 TitanoboaArgentavis, Tarascosaurus and Pyroraptor

2.5 Silurian Scorpion , Pterygotus and Cameroceras

2.6 Crylophosaurus , Sinraptor and Shunosaurus

2.7 Thylascosmilus , Allosaurus , Miragia , Dinheroisaurus and Torvosaurus

2.8 Allosaurus

2.9 Titanopithecus

2.10 Dinogorgon

2.11 Dimetrodon and Edaphosaurus

2.12 Cretaceous Carnivore Mammal

2.13 Anthracosaurus

2.14 Fog Worm

2.15 Tylosaurus, Megalodon, Sarcosuchus and Pliosaurus


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