Primeval episode 1 (FFTFEdit

A Megaraptor burst through an anomoly at a horse racecourse in London and Matt, Connor, Abby and becker along with new member Adam Johnson.


The episode begins with Connor and Abby waking up together in bed. After getting married the two plan to spend a relaxing weekend together but immidiatly they get a call off Becker telling them to head to the racecourse


The team arrive and get aquainted to Adam, the new member of the ARC. The team decide to split up but before they can react, One of the soldiers is pulled under the stands by the creature. The team race up the stands and almost get to the top, but becker is grabbed by the beast. Already wanting to show off his skills, Adam manages to rescue Becker and shoot the creature, but the creature is only injured.


Becker and Adam are already close friends and go together to find the creature. they see footprints in the grass leading towards the indoor section of the building. Meanwhile fter Connor and Abby talk about "not expecting thier honeymoon to be like this" they hear another scream and run to find a trail of blood leading once again, under the stands. The Pair slowly walk up and the megaraptor Bursts through the stands charging straight for them.


As the creature hits connor, sending him flying, Matt Manages to stun the creature. With connor knocked out just 10 feet away, the two quickly check the creature and notice there is no scar where Adam shot it and that there must be more than one... meanwhile Becker runs ahead to "check for danger" when really he is getting a drink from the bar. He Gets to the bar and finds the barkeeps body scattered around. He then hears Adam screaming and quickly runs back.


As becker runs back he finds Adam using an Iron door as a shield as the megaraptor attacks. Becker manages to collect Adam's stun gun and he shocks the creature, returning the favour to Adam. They both run back to the field to see Connor (who is now awake, but slightly dazed) Abby and Matt there. They use the detectors and conclude that the anomoly must be under the north stands. Suddenly a whole nest of Megaraptors burst out from the stands. Connor quickly finds a jeep and gets the group on it, driving them through the Anomoly to lure the creatures back in. They suceed and get back to the present within seconds of the anomoly closing...

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