Concept for the Quetzalcoatlus.


Quetzalcoatlus northopi -


Azhdarchid -

Deaths Caused

0 -


Episode 1.6 (PC)

Abby:"'"Quetzalcoatlus. One of the biggest creatures ever to fly."

Danny:"And it's heading straight for us!" - Abby and Danny on the Quetzalcoatlus.

A Quetzalcoatlus appears in Primeval Continued Series 1.


Quetzalcoatlus was a huge azhdarchid pterosaur from Cretaceous North America. It had a 40+ foot wingspan and is estimated to have been able to fly nearly half the circumferance of the earth in a single flight. It is thought to have fed on small animals including baby dinosaurs.


A Quetzalcoatlus comes through an anomaly in the middle of an airport runway right when a plane is about to take-off. The pterosaur screeches in terror as the plane nears. Right when the ARC Team arrive, the anomaly closes. The team are forced to try to drive the creature away from the runway. Finally, the anomaly reopens and the Quetzalcoatlus catapoults into the air and flys through the anomaly, which Ryan manages to lock.


  • Quetzalcoatlus is the second giant pterosaur in the Primeval franchise.
  • It is the second harmless pterosaur in the franchise.


  • Might be slightly bigger than the real creature.

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