The racecar track anomaly is an anomaly that opened in the middle of a racecar track in episode 1.1 of
6. M25 Pleistocene-Present Anomaly-1-
Primeval: A New Beginning. A racecar driver got lost in the anomaly, where he was eaten by a Daspletosaurus. Another Daspletosaurus, possibly the same one, later emerged through the anomaly, followed by a Styracosaurus, a mother Hadrosaurus with two babies, and a pack of Troodons. The Daspletosaurus is driven back through the anomaly, but just after the Theropod makes it to the other side, the anomaly closes, meaning that the other dinosaurs can't go home. They are taken to and kept in the ARC's Menagerie.

The anomaly has been confirmed to reopen in episode 2.7. According to the creators, another Daspletosaurus will come through and rampage through downtown London. Another anomaly will also open directly alongside it on the same racing track, and a family of Hyracotherium, an Ambulocetus, and a Gastornis will come through it.


Creatures that come throughEdit

Episode 1.1

  • 1 Daspletosaurus
  • 1 Styracosaurus
  • 3 Hadrosaurus
  • At least 3 Troodon

Episode 2.7

  • 1 Daspletosaurus
  • At least 3 Hyracotherium
  • 1 Ambulocetus
  • 1 Gastornis

People that go throughEdit

  • 1 Unnamed racecar driver

Leads toEdit

  • Late Cretaceous/Middle Eocene


  • Episode 1.1
  • Episode 2.7


  • It is the first anomaly encountered by the team in Primeval: A New Beginning
  • Of all the anomalies seen in the Primeverse, this one has some of the most creatures come through, with 8 species emerging from it throughout the course of the series, and at least 13 individual creatures.

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