Scientific name Unknown
Home era Late Cretaceous
Creature type Theropod
Deaths caused 1
Appearances *Primeval Continued Prequel Webisodes *Battle to Survive

Raptors appear in Primeval Continued.


Primeval Continued Webisode 4Edit

A raptor appears and attacks the ARC team, it is then retutned through the anomaly.

Battle to SurviveEdit

An unknown type of raptor comes through an anomaly and attacks Ryan and Becker just before the rest of the ARC team come back through the anomaly into the present. Connor then shoots the raptor and it is returned through the anomaly, which is then locked.



Raptor 2

A raptor stalks a wherehouse in Webisode 4.

Raptor 3

A raptor in the wherehouse.

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