Primeval Continued Coelurosauruvus
Scientific name Coelurosauravus
Home era Triassic
Creature type Gliding reptile
Deaths caused 0
Appearances *Episode 2.4 *Episode 3.3 *Episode 3.7


Coelurosauravus are lizard-like diapsid reptiles native to the Permian period and resembling small green iguanas or other modern day lizards. It has specialized wing-like structures allowing it to glide. These were rod like structures with skin stretched over them; this features is unique to this genus. The average length of the specimens were 60 cm and the body was long and flat, suitable for its gliding nature.


Episode 2.4Edit

Rex is released from the menagerie and Abby and Connor take him home with them.

Episode 3.3Edit


Episode 3.7Edit



  • This is the only creature to appear in all five series of the original Primeval show.
  • Coelurosauravus is the first creature to be given a name, and one of the few creatures to actually be given one.


  • Real Coelurosauravus were only capable of gliding, but the ones in the show have powered, flapping flight.
  • The crest on Coelurosauravus' heads is speculative, and they aren't depicted with the distinctive bony frill that the real ones had.
  • It is depicted as being much larger than the real animal, which was only about as long as a human hand.
  • Rex seems to be far more intelligent and active than a primitive reptile would probably have been. However, Rex could just be an unusual specimen.
  • Rex is often shown being fed plant and fruit matter, but Coelurosauravus was probably an insectivore.

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