Ryan Tayler
Ryan Tayler
Biographical information
Profession Anomaly Research; Biology
In the series
Appearances Primeval Continued All Seasons

Character Ryan Tayler is a new character that appears in Primeval Continued. He joins the ARC team in the time between series 5 of the original Primeval and Primeval Continued Series 1.


Webisode 1Edit

Ryan talks to Lester on the phone and is hired to work at the ARC by him.

Webisode 3Edit

He comes to the ARC and is shown around and introduced to the team by Jess.

Webisode 4Edit

He comes with the rest of the team on an anomaly alert. He, along with the rest of the team, is attacked by a pair of raptors. When the raptors are returned to talks to Connor about the creatures. Connor tells him to get used to it.

Episode 1.1Edit

Ryan comes with the rest of the team on an anomaly alert. He later blasts the Eustreptospondylus with his EMD. At the end of episode he meets Danny Quinn.

Episode 1.2Edit

He is seen speaking to Connor when the Anomaly Detecter goes off. He attempts to help get the Concavenator back through the anomaly. When the Concavenator corners Abby, Connor tries to save her, but, before he can, Ryan shoots the dinosaur from behind to get its attention. He then runs through the anomaly so that the Concavenator follows him, and it does. He is later found by the rest of the team, who followed him, and they all run back through the anomaly right before it closes.

Episode 1.3Edit

Ryan stays at the anomaly until the rest of the team return the creatures through.

Episode 1.4Edit

He shoots a Guanlong that is about to attack the team. He helps to evacuate the restauraunt.

Episode 1.5Edit

He helps to scare off a pair of Predators. He waits at the anomaly for the rest of the team to come back through.

Episode 1.6Edit


Episode 1.7Edit


Episode 1.8Edit


Episode 1.9Edit


Episode 1.10Edit



Ryan Tayler is a strong person. He is secretive, but has become a good friend of Connor Temple and Abby Maitland.(Primeval Continued Prequel Webisodes, 1.1). He is shown to be willing to sacrifice himself for his friends.(1.2). (More to be revealed over time.)

Creatures FacedEdit





  • Ryan Tayler shares the same first name as Captain Ryan from series 1 of the original Primeval.
  • Ryan Tayler is the third character so far to be hired by the ARC between series', the first being Becker and the second being Matt.
  • Ryan Tayler is the first new character to appear in Primeval Continued who works for the ARC.


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