There's a new mystery... but it's all too real. And there is link in the food chain...and they're it! Doorways are beginning to appear into worlds they can barely imagine, allowing creatures from the past and the future to roam through the modern world. 

Join Mystery Inc, it's new member Paleontologist Josh Rainsford, and a Mysterious organization as they struggle to deal with ripping holes called anomalies while dealing with dangerous dinosaurs, savage synapsids, mega-mammals, and other unheard species from the past and even the future. It's an action-packed story with a terrifying question-will they survive...or will they become lunch? Find out in this first series with 11 episodes.

Episode 1.1: The GorgonEdit

What begins as a regular mystery solving Cattle attacks outside Mystery Inc's new home Misssuaga, Canada turns into the most real case Mystery Inc. has ever faced: a Gorgonops: a mammal-like reptile that are supposed to be extinct for 250 MYA. While discussing the issue in a Pizza Pizza, Paleontologist Josh Rainsford overhears and claims that he knows how it got here. He reavals it came through the present by Wormholes through time he calls Anomalies. Bringing them to strange Orginization called The ARC, he asks if they will join them, because if they don't, they will never solve this Mystery. Shaggy,

Episode 1.2: Raptors at the MoviesEdit

Episode 1.3: Satan's Private Swimming PoolEdit

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