Season 6-Episode 3Edit

 Episode 6.3 starts when an anomaly opens in a small house. We see sb's feet coming outta the anomaly. An old man lives there sees him and asks him who he is. The man(we don't see the face)comes closer and kills him by wringing his neck.

 Back at the ARC, Emily is talking to Abby about someone and Sophia is watching 'em. Emily tells Abby:"Yeah...She is getting my goat.." Soren calls Abby and she goes. Then, Sophia comes and tells Emily how perfectly she's learnt new expressions during a short period of time.

  At this time an anomaly opens and Emily takes an EG. Sophia says:"It seems you know how to use a gun well!"The team goes to that small house. They lock the anomaly and find a young girl dead. It seems that  a creature has killed her. Then, they see 2 Aoruns. Conner shoots one of them but the other one escapes. Conner, Abby and Becker go after the Aorun and Matt and Emily check the house. They find the body of an old man. Matt realizes that the man isn't killed by a creature.

  At this time, Becker finds an empty barn near the house. He enters the barn but he doesn't see anything. Then we see the Aorun behind Becker. The Aorun attacks him but Abby shoots it.

 On the way to the ARC, Emily tells Matt that Dr.Lague is a bit mysterious and is not reliable. In the ARC Matt wants to write a report for Ms.Croger so that Emily goes home. Matt gives his report to Ms.Croger. He sees Dr.Lague and asks her why she wants to research on anomalies. Sophia shows Matt the picture of she and Prof.Cutter and says that she was one of his students. Then she went to Italy(her country)and when she came back to London, he was dead. Then she says she wants to continue Prof.Cutter's work.

 Then Sophia asks Matt if he trusts Emily. Matt answers: 'Yes! With my whole life!" Then we see Emily talking to someone on the phone and says:"Ok..."Suddenly, she hears someone opening the door. Emily asks:"Matt?"And she sees that the door is open. Then we see a man behind Emily. She turns and sees Patrick! After some hours, Matt comes home and sees that the door is open. He calls Emily but no one answers.   

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