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Episode 1.1 (PA)

The Prequel will continue on from the book Extinction Event. The whole reason Primeval America was made will be explained in this mini-clip.


The English ARC Team featured at the end of Extinction Event are in flight on a chopper. Abby Maitland can visulise the, from distance, tiny Tyrannosaurus Rex scattering away into the forest. She was nicknamed Baba Yaga, due to the fact Baba Yaga was to do with chickens, and two legs. Conversations sorround the vehicle whilst the long trip home takes place.

Soon after, over in America, James Lester, and the Government takes into account that Anomalies opening on international locations are dangerous to the citizens of that area. An American ARC is built, James Lester interrogates members of the public, who have been scouted by the Government, to be part of the new American Team.

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