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Episode 2.1 (P:R)
Episode 2.2 (P:R)
Episode 2.3 (P:R)
Episode 2.4 (P:R)
Episode 2.5 (P:R)
Episode 2.6 (P:R)

This is the second series of Primeval Revelations. It will have six episodes, and some of the confirmed creatures are Anomalocaris, Dimetrodon, and Dromaeosaurus. An interview released today shows more creatures.


Anomalocaris - Episode 2.3

Dimetrodon Episode 2.1



Woolly Mammoth - Episode 2.2 (P:R)

Haikouichthys - Episode 2.6

Tree Creeper

Rex - Already Confirmed to Appear in Four Episodes - Episode 2.6, Episode 2.4, Episode 2.2 and Episode 2.5

Theropod - Episode 2.6

Eotyrannus - Episode 2.6

Future Fish - Episode 2.4


Matt Anderson

Connor Temple

Abby Maitland

Danny Quinn

Philip Burton

April Leonard

Emily Merchant

Hilary Becker

James Lester

Jess Parker

Sarah Page

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