The second series of the Primeval Adventure Series is scheduled for an early July or possible autumn release in the UK. It is set after Series 5 and in this series, many anomalies open and there is sometimes more than one anomaly in one place in some of the episodes of this series.

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  • Episode 2.1
  • Episode 2.2
  • Episode 2.3
  • Episode 2.4
  • Episode 2.5
  • Episode 2.6
  • Episode 2.7
  • Episode 2.8
  • Episode 2.9


Returning CreaturesEdit

  • Coelurosauravus (Rex)
  • Columbian Mammoth
  • Diictodon (Sid and Nancy)
  • Dracorex
  • Dromaeosaurus

New CreaturesEdit

  • Episode 2.1 - Archaeolemur, Archaeoindris, Megaladapis, Elephant Bird
  • Episode 2.2 - Stellers Sea Cow, Carolina Parakeet, Moa, Haast's Eagle
  • Episode 2.3 - Dodo, Rodrigue's Solitaire
  • Episode 2.4 - Titanoboa
  • Episode 2.5 - Future Leopard, Future Kangaroo, Future Ape
  • Episode 2.6 - Future Lion, Future Elephant, Giant Future Antelope, Future Lemur
  • Episode 2.7 - Caspian Tiger, Javan Tiger, Bali Tiger
  • Episode 2.8 - Syrian Elephant
  • Episode 2.9 - Future Tiger, Future Rhino, Future Tapir-like Pig


  • Matt Anderson
  • Connor Temple
  • Abby Maitland
  • Emily Merchant
  • Captain Hilary Becker
  • Jess Parker
  • James Lester
  • William Tootsay
  • Eddie Raventhaw
  • Max Porter-Priceson
  • Adam Presbon

New CharactersEdit

  • John Gonalus - This new member of the team is a lab assistant and he is also an ARC helper who goes with the team in case there's any anomalies or creature incursions.
  • Derek Eric - He is like Connor Temple, good with technology and anomalies, and he is a genius on todays wildlife and conservation.
  • Geraldine Enid - Caring and loving, just like Abby Maitland, she loves animals, and prefers not to kill any creatures that come through an Anomaly. She looks after the creatures in the menagerie of the ARC.

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