The Sewer-Predator Period is an anomaly that opened in London's sewer system in Primeval Continued Episode 1.5 connecting the sewers in present-day London with the Predator Period.

Sewer-Predator Period Anomaly

Lead to

Predator Period -

Who/what went through



Primeval Continued Episode 1.5


This anomaly opened in London's sewer system in March 8, 2013 and released a pack of 15 or 16 Future Predators (a number that was "more than Connor was entirely happy about". When the ARC team arrived they were attacked by the predators and, amidst the chaos, almost didn't notice that one of them had dragged Connor through the anomaly. Once Connor was rescued, Becker, who had stayed on the present-day side, locked the anomaly.

What went throughEdit


  • All the junk and trash in the sewers did seem to affect the anomaly, like the acid did in 4.5 of the original Primeval.
  • This is the first anomaly to lead to the future to appear in Primeval Continued



The Sewer-Predator Period Anomaly.


The Sewer-Predator Period Anomaly locked.

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