Scientific name Unknown
Home era Silurian
Creature type Arachnid
Deaths caused 1 Tree Creeper
Appearances Primeval: Lost in Time

The Silurian Scorpion is a giant scorpion, or scorpion-like arachnid, from the Silurian period.

In Primeval: Lost in TimeEdit

When Sean, Ash, Andrea and Bob arrive in the Silurian, two Silurian Scorpions attack them and force them onto the nearby rocks.

Some time later, when the group makes a run across the sand, three Scorpions pursue them. However, before the Scorpions can reach them, Bob uses the Anomaly Opening Device to open another anomaly and the group escapes through.

However, before the anomaly closes, one of the Scorpions surfaces and follows the group through into the Cretaceous. It menaces and is about to attack the group when a Tree Creeper jumps down from a nearby tree onto it. The Scorpion and the Tree Creeper fight and wrestle, trying to kill one another, until the Scorpion ends up falling off a cliff with the Tree Creeper atop it, killing them both.

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