Scientific name Unknown
Home era Silurian
Creature type Arachnid
Deaths caused 0
Appearances The Shards of Time

The Silurian Scorpion is a giant scorpion, or scorpion-like arachnid, from the Silurian period.

In The Shards of TimeEdit

Three Scorpions pass by under the sand when Bob's anomaly device falls from his belt to the sand, the vibration from the device hitting the sand alerting one of the Scorpions to the five humans' location. It attacks Shane and tries to drag him under the sand to eat, but Sean, Ash and Penelope drag Shane out of the Scorpion's grip, causing it to surface and attack. While Bob shoots the Scorpion to keep its attention, another Scorpion surfaces and attacks Sean, but, using the anomaly device, Sean and the others are able to open a new anomaly, escape through, and close it behind them before the Scorpions can follow them through.

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