Scientific name Smilodon fatalis
Home era Pleistocene
Creature type Big cat
Deaths caused 0
Appearances Primeval: Lost in Time

Smilodon (better known as Sabre-toothed Cat) is an extinct genus of machairodontinae.It is perhaps the last,best known and famous sabre toothed cat that lived in North America during the Pleistocene. As its name suggests, it had two large scythes for teeth.

In Primeval: Lost in TimeEdit

At some point, after the ARC was revived, but before Connor or Abby returned, an anomaly opened and a Smilodon came through into a construction site. Matt, Becker, and several ARC soldiers including Bob Wright arrived to tackle the threat. However, the Smilodon was able to evade them, and while Bob was alone by the anomaly, the Smilodon attacked him.

Bob retreated through the closing anomaly into the Pleistocene. The anomaly then closed behind him before the Smilodon could follow him back through. It is unknown what happened to the Smilodon, which was now marooned in the present, but it was most likely killed or put in the Menagerie.

In the Pleistocene, after Bob arrived there through the anomaly, he was spotted by a pride of other Smilodon in the distance who gave chase, though Bob was presumably able to escape them.

Diet Edit

Smilodon feeds on bison,camel,horses,giant ground sloths,Ice Age deer and young and adult Columbian Mammoth.

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