Welcome to the Open Series. This is a series where any user can submit their own Primeval stories which then may make it into the series. Spamalot360 is the head writer and will decide which stories are chosen. It will be set after the end of Series 5, and will feature around three new characters, plus the returning ones. Users can submit characters to see which are chosen.

This Series has been nominated in The Primeval Fanon Wiki Awards



  • Submit plots or characters to Spamalot360's talk page.
  • Submissions for episodes should include a basic plot outline, with hopefully a few scenes and several lines of dialogue. For characters, submissions should include a background to them, their personality, and a basic story arc.
  • Submissions for more than one episode or character can be made at once.
  • Spamalot360 will decide on which stories make it into the series, and if he cannot decide then it will go to an open vote.
  • Each user can have a maximum of two of their stories chosen.
  • If your episode is chosen, you will then need to write a full plot summary, and also create articles for the creatures, places, etc, that feature in your episode!
  • For all the episodes to work together, some details of some episodes will have to be altered so that the stories fit.