Thomas Page
Biographical information
Profession Cryptozoology; Anomaly Research
In the series
Appearances Episode 2.6; Primeval Continued Series 3; Episode 4.1; Episode 4.2; Episode 4.3; Episode 4.4; Episode 4.5

Thomas Page is a new character that will appear in Primeval Continued. He is Sarah Page's brother. He has been confirmed to make a guest appearence in an episode of Primeval Continued Series 2 and make a few appearences in Primeval Continued Series 3.





Creatures EncounteredEdit



  • He is the brother of Sarah Page, and has never stopped trying to figure out what happened to her.
  • In an episode of Primeval Continued Series 2, while looking through the few things he has left to remember his sister, he finds something he never noticed before: her Handheld Anomaly Detector. When it goes off, he follows the signal and ends up meeting the ARC team at the anomaly site.
  • He misses his sister.
  • He may join the ARC.
  • He has been confirmed to appear in Primeval Continued Series 3.


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