colspan="2" style="text-align:center;"  Formicium-titanomyrma

Scientific name

Titanomyrma giganteum (formerly Formicium giganteum) -

Home era

Eocene Germany -


Giant ant -

Deaths caused

0 -


Episode 1.1

Titanomyrma is a giant ant of Eocene Wyoming and Germany.


One of the German species of the genus, Titanomyrma giganteum, is the largest ant ever known to exist (up to 6 cm long, and a wingspan of up to 15 cm). The genus's presence in both North America and Europe suggests the climate was warm enough to supported the spread of large insects.


Titanomyrma may have been herbivorous, although it is more popularly thought to be a carnivore, acting like today's driver ants and overwhelming large prey in numbers.


Titanomyrma had no sting, and so is thought to have used formic acid as a defense.

In Primeval: New BloodEdit

A group of Titanomyrma crawls up Becker's leg, which does nothing but annoy him.

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