Scientific name Unknown
Home era Cretaceous
Creature type Raptor
Deaths caused 1 Silurian Scorpion
Appearances Primeval: Lost in Time

Tree Creepers are a currently undiscovered species of Arboreal Raptors from the Cretaceous.

In Primeval: Lost in TimeEdit

After Sean, Ash, Andrea, Bob and a Silurian Scorpion arrive in the Cretaceous via an anomaly, a Tree Creeper jumps down from the trees, atop the Scorpion. The Scorpion and the Tree Creeper fight and wrestle, trying to kill one another, until the Scorpion ends up falling off a cliff with the Tree Creeper still atop it, killing them both.

Later, while Sean, Ash, Bob and Andrea are camping on the hills, they are ambushed from the trees by a pack of Tree Creepers. One of them grabs Andrea with its tail and tries to escape with her into the trees, but Sean guns it down with Bob's gun. Bob then opens another anomaly to the future, which the group escapes through. The anomaly then closes behind the group seconds before the Tree Creepers can follow them through.

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