Troodon was a small theropod dinosaur from the Late Cretaceous, closely related to the raptors. It is believed to have been one of the smartest of all the dinosaurs. 



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Troodons eye Abby, Connor, and Danny from a hilltop.

Creature Type

Theropod -

Home Era

Late Cretaceous -


Omnivore -

Deaths Caused

1 Sheep -


Primeval Resurrected Episode 2.1

In Primeval ResurrectedEdit

Episode 2.1Edit

A pack of Troodons are released into the 21st century when an anomaly opens on a farm outside of London. The Troodons kill a sheep, and the farm owners later find the animal's partially devoured remains. They acknowledge that no animal native to the region could cause such damage, and think that a dinosaur might be responsible. They call the ARC, who upon arrival split up due to the large size of the farm. Emily, Matt, and Becker locate the anomaly, while Connor, Abby, and Danny are still struggling to find the Troodons. Two pack members are then seen watching them from the top of a nearby hill (see picture), but they abruptly turn away. Later, when one of the Troodons attempts to attack the three, Danny shoots it with his EMD. He contacts Becker to tell him that they caught one. However, Danny's EMD had been on its lowest setting, so the Troodon was not entirely unconscious. The Troodon utters a distress call, which the rest of the pack hear from a distance. Abby warns Connor and Danny that the creature has just sounded an alarm, and that they need to meet the rest of the team at the anomaly site as soon as possible. After arriving at the anomaly site with the unconscious Troodon, the team is attacked by the rest of the pack, who heard the knocked-out Troodon's distress call. Just as one Troodon prepares to pounce on Danny, a gunshot is heard, and the Troodon collapses. The rest of the pack panics and flees back through the anomaly. The team turns to see one of the farm owners, with a shotgun in his hand. He helps them get the unconscious Troodon Danny had shot earlier back through the anomaly. They prepare to return the one just killed as well, but the farmer tells them to leave it in his possession. He tells them he thinks it would be an interesting idea to have it stuffed and mounted in his living room as a trophy, since he was the one who shot it. The ARC team says goodbye to the farmers before returning to the ARC.


  • Troodon is the first non-raptor deinonychosaur to come through an anomaly in the franchise.
  • It behaves similarly to the Daemonosaurus from Primeval: New World.
  • This is the first creature to appear in Series 2 of Primeval Resurrected.


  • The Troodons are shown with far fewer feathers than in real life.

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