T. rex appear in episode 6 of Anomaly Crisis.

Picture 1
Scientific name Tyrannosaurus Rex
Home era Cretaceous
Creature type Theropod
Deaths caused TBA
Appearances Episode 6

Species ConfusionEdit

After the air of Episode 5.5 of Primeval, many fans noticed that the T. rexes in Anomaly Crisis don't look the same as the Primeval one. Some people suggest the Tyrannosaurus Rex is actually a Tarbosaurus. Both theories are wrong; the one in Anomaly Crisis is a T. rex. It's just that the two T. rexes are totally different in appearance and color because they're from different TV shows. Anomaly Crisis is very different from Primeval, and the T. rexes were from different production lines, thus not the same appearance due to copyright reasons.


  • In an interview with Beastly 14, he stated "the rexes are in a Cricket Batting Cage", but it was an obvious mistake.
  • The pictures of the T. rex walking along the lake shore is actually the baby T. rex.

Behind the ScenesEdit

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