For the first week I am giving away these 7 spoilers about Series 2:

1. The beast of gevaudan, a werewolf to the locals, is actually two starved Hyaenodons that were driven to eating people.

2. The premiere is a two-parter, also featuring one of the best car chases in television history.

3^. The car chase is a whopping 3 minutes long, featuring not one, but two Hyaenodons chasing an armored military jeep.

4. There will be a trailer released in early September; try to catch it if you're watching BBC1, or ITV.

5. If you don't see it, here is a summary:A dark sky appears, with red strikes through it. On the ground a dark shape lies on the ground-then it springs up and roars right at the camera. Then it cuts to Connor speaking "just when you thought it was safe to get into the bites you."-then a women is thrown out of the water by a rampaging mosasaur. I won't tell you any more.

6. In episode 2, a new character joins the crew, and he's played using performance capture technology.

7. Though I'm off on time, I might as well tell you this: due to the very high budget-$15.9 million-Anomaly Crisis will not have a Series 3, nor movie.):<

Sorry for the HUUUGE holdup, I was on Terra Nova for awhile.

1. In Episode 2, the team travel to 2309, when the world is already baron, and humans are extinct.

2. This season will have a much more environmental factor.

3. In episode 4, a fictional dinosaur appears.

^4. The fictional dinosaur, will have feathers, three crests, and hunts as a family.

5. Towards the end of the series, a beloved character dies

6. Series 2 will end on a cliffhanger.

7. An injured Platycarpus will appear in Episode 3.

Sorry, I forgot about this list, so here's a gallery.

Anomaly Crisis Series 2 Episode Titles

Episode 1: "Beasts of Gevaudan parts 1&2"

Episode 2: "50/50 Survival Chance"

Episode 3: "The End is Near..."

Episode 4: "Raptor Report"

Episode 5: "Decisions, Decisions"

Episode 6: "How do you die????"

Episode 7: The Epic Finale is called...



..... "Oblivian"

Hope you enjoy the Season Premiere Tonight!!!!!!!!!!

Beastly 14 Talk to Beastly! 15:09, October 1, 2011 (UTC)

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