Utahraptor...zap our mates from back at that shopping center with a supersizer ray and you'll have a pretty decent picture of these guys...

- Connor Temple 

Utahraptor was a species of theropod dinosaur, and the largest member of the raptor family yet discovered. 



colspan="2" style="text-align:center;"  Utahraptor
Utahraptor Promo

Creature Type

Theropod -

Home Era

Early Cretaceous -


Carnivore -

Deaths Caused

3 -


Primeval Resurrected Episode 1.6

In Primeval ResurrectedEdit

Episode 1.6Edit

A pack of six Utahraptors come through an anomaly into a middle school. The principal sees them through the security cameras, and puts the school into lockdown mode. However, two students were not in their classrooms when the lockdown was initiated, and they are killed by the Utahraptors. Connor, Abby, Becker, and Emily arrive. They find the bodies of the two teenagers, and figure the Utahraptors are responsible. They later encounter a baby raptor, and Connor decides to use it to attract the parents. Once the parents do arrive, they prepare to attack Becker but he shoots them with an EMD, and puts the baby in a pet carrier. The team then finds the anomaly and puts the three raptors back through. However, three more pack members are still somewhere in the school, so the team splits up to find them. Meanwhile, the Utahraptors find the staff lounge and kill a teacher. Connor later discovers one of the raptors when he feels it breathing down his neck and turns around. He then starts to run, and the Utahraptor gives chase. The two other raptors join in the pursuit. The rest of the team spots Connor and the raptors on the school security cameras. Connor tries to defend himself with a plank of wood from the janitor's closet, and knocks one of the dinosaurs out by striking it in the neck. The other two raptors crouch, jaws gaping and claws extended preparing to attack, when they are shot from behind. Connor expects to see Becker, but to his surprise he sees Emily aiming the EMD. He thanks her for saving his life, and they meet Abby and Becker back at the anomaly to return these last raptors home. They return to the ARC to inform Lester that their mission was successful.


  • The Utahraptors use the same model as the ones in Primeval: New World, proving the canonical continuity of the two shows.
  • Using the baby raptor to attract the adults reflects the way Nick Cutter attracted the shopping mall raptors in Episode 2.1 of the original show.
  • Though they have the same shape and color scheme, the Utahraptors in PR were made bigger than the ones in New World since they were too small, and the creators of PR wanted them to be more accurately-sized.
  • Utahraptor is the first creature to kill a child in Primeval Resurrected.


  • They are shown to have only a very thin coat of feathers down their backs and on their arms, when in real life the dinosaurs were completely coated in feathers from head to toe and even had small wings.

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