The woolly mammoth was a species of mammoth that roamed the northern hemisphere during the Pleistocene epoch. Most became extinct about 10,000 years ago, but isolated populations survived on a few islands until as recently as 4,000 years ago. 

Woolly Mammoth


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Woolly Mammoth Promo

Creature Type

Proboscidean -

Home Era

Early Pleistocene - Mid Holocene -


Herbivore -

Deaths Caused

N/A -


Primeval Resurrected Episode 2.3

In Primeval ResurrectedEdit

An injured Woolly Mammoth comes through an anomaly into a park. Once the ARC team arrives to capture it, they discover that it has a Neanderthal's spearhead stuck in its left flank. Matt says that they need to get the mammoth out of here as soon as possible, as the Neanderthals could come through the anomaly later to finish what they started. Abby notes that it wouldn't be safe to return it back through the anomaly at this time, since the hominids could still be nearby. Suddenly, with a moan of pain the mammoth collapses on its side. The team finds that it is not unconscious, but has simply become too weak to stand up. Abby and Connor load it into a truck, and drive it to a nearby warehouse to look after the mammoth in private. Before they go, Abby tells Matt, Becker, Danny, and Emily to watch the anomaly in case the Neanderthals come through. At the warehouse, Abby says that it might be dangerous to remove the spearhead at the moment, since it could end up hurting the animal even more. Connor sprays some disinfectant on the wound. Abby tells Connor to give her some bandages, at which point he says he forgot to bring some. Connor decides to drive back to his and Abby's apartment to get some bandages. Meanwhile, back at the anomaly site the Neanderthals come through. They track the mammoth by following its blood trail and eventually end up at the warehouse. They prepare to kill the mammoth but Matt shows up and shoots the clan leader with an EMD. The other neanderthals accept Matt as their new clan leader, so he leads them back through the anomaly which Connor then locks. The mammoth is then taken to the ARC to be further looked after. Abby notes how lonely the Columbian Mammoth has seemed, and suggests putting the woolly mammoth in the Menagerie with him so he'll have another mammoth to socialize with.

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