Wudau long means "Dancing dragon," an excellent description for this unusual creature. Wudau long was a predator from Early Cretaceous Liaonang China and was fast, agile and ferocious. It moved about in a manner reminiscent of a ballerina dancer or even the kung fu masters who would fight oblivious to the dancing dragons and other dinosaurs directly under their feet millions of years later.


Wudau long was graceful but dangerous. The dancing dragon was a killer and slaughtered many a creature in it's time. They preyed on Microraptor, Sinornithosaurus and Incisivosaurus, which is demonstrated by the remains found in the stomachs of their fossilized skeletons. However, despite their graceful power and agility, they too were prey, for at least one Yutyrannus has been found with a Wudau long fossilized in it's stomach. Curiously enough, the same Yutyrannus also had an advanced electromuscular disruption gun found in it's stomach. Make of it what you will…

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